These are some of my works:


Final Poject


The design utilizes various elements, including but not limited to line, shape, value, and colour. The peace itself utilizes and activates the entire picture plane. Using concave and convex shapes like circles against a back ground of triangles creates an interesting negative space. Using the different colours and shapes in different places I was able to create a balance in the composition, while keeping it asymmetrical. While the peace is balanced it is heavier to upper right side because the focal point is created on that circle. Using different types of repeating circles I was able to create a visual flow through the composition. The primary focal point is at the upper right side of the composition at the deep dark circle, located at a power point in the rule of thirds. Creating a heavy contrast of colour creates this focal point. The composition uses overlapping and value to create illusion of space. I used analogues colours in the background to keep it interesting yet unified, also the background colours are much cooler than the warmer foreground elements. The background and foreground consist of complimentary colours of blue in the back and orange in the front.

The predetermined emotion that I was trying to convey is “Nervous”. The peace conveys this most successfully through the background of triangles of various types and sizes. The focal point is an attempt at showing a hole that goes deeper and deeper this representing how nervousness can be a deep hole that’s difficult to climb out of. Using cold colours in the background, creating the nervousness in the background is to show that nervousness can always be there in the back even if in front there is elegance.

My design successfully uses and demonstrates my understanding of negative/positive space, figure/ground relationships, contrast, repetition, emphasis, harmony, balance and directional forces. The peace also successfully actives the entire picture plane, establishes a focal point at a power point of the rule of thirds, and creates a visual flow. Through the use of complimentary and analogous colours, and warm and cool colours my design demonstrates my understanding and ability to apply basic concepts of colour. While I paid attention to detail I must admit with practice my craftsmanship with gouache would get much better. I do believe the peace successfully uses the formal elements intended to create the intended meaning of “nervous”.


Color Schemes

I used blue for the monochromatic colour scheme.

The darker and lighter blues allow the creation of depth of field.

I used yellow, yellow green and green for my analogous colour scheme.

the analogous colours helped set emphasis on the focal point.

I used red and green for my complementary colour scheme.

Using the complementary colours i was able to create a visual flow and a add emphasis on the focal point by making a warmer colour direct to the intended focal point.

The work was successfully in showing my understanding of monochromatic, analogous and complimentary colours, the design was not complex and did not incorporate many aspects of design.


Value – Self Portrait Collage

The portrait occupies most of the composition.15356091_1526647450698314_1848045367_n

All 9 values from the value scale are present.

A broad value scale has been established.

The portrait does break each value into a flat plane.

The grid was properly utilized to keep focal proportions properly.

I did not avoid outlining facial features.

The final design has been executed in a professional manner, utilizing the designated materials with care, effort and attention to detail, together with proper mounting on the Bristol Board.

Directional Dominance

The design has a focal point a little bit bellow the top center of the work, emphasized 20161027_091554using converging lines, and value.
A visual flow is established in the picture plane using different thickness of lines.
A directional dominance was established by having most of the lines lead to the same point.
Directional conflict has been established though lines that go in different directions. there are twp implied lines, one at the top and one on the bottom, the many vertical lines close to each other create a small horizontal line at the bottom and top of the work.
My design incorporates a range of values.
The design successfully meets the criteria for the project, the only thing that was a little unsuccessful was craftsmanship.
The overall final design has been executed in a professional manner.

Shape/Space Composition

My design has evident figure.ground relationship. The black and white shapes do 14741659_1476146925748367_1534890168_ncompete to act as positive and negative space.
The balance of black and white shapes i approximately 50% black and 50% white.
Each half of the composition perfectly mirrors the other side with reversed negative and positive space.
The design overall is very successful in fulfilling the requirement and being very complex.
The final design has been executed in a professional manner, craftsmanship is well executed.


Dynamic Cmposition

Dynamic Composition This peace is concentrated on focal point and visual flow.There is a clear focal point on the upper right side of the work, at the circle. the circle stands out from all the other straight lines and angles hence capturing your eye.
The visual flow of the work is set though certain darker lines.
The work successfully utilized the repetition of shape and line.
I used the pitt pens to highlight the visual flow of the composition.
The overall final work was professionally executed, using proper tools and materials.